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RSL manufacture a range of wall coatings suitable for different environments and needs. One of the main industries which benefits from using our wall coatings is the food and drink industry. This is because the main properties of the products are that they are seamless, easy to clean and chemical resistant.



Resutile Wall is a popular wall coating chosen for its durability and high resistance to thermal shock, hot water and chemicals as well as being impact resistant.

Resuseal Wall epoxy resin wall coatings are two-pack, water-based, durable, seamless finishes and it also provide excellent resistance to light chemical attack and do not support fungus or bacterial growth.


Resupen WB is another popular choice as it is a water based polyurethane coating which has excellent UV stability and thermal properties.

Ecuclad offers reinforced protection by incorporating fibreglass within the build up and specification of the system.  This fibreglass layer adds extra protection and provides a stronger and harder wearing surface with greater impact resistance.







The majority of the coatings are available in the following colours.  Special colours are available upon request. Please consult RSL for further details