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Anti Slip your floor


Safe Grip Mineral Tile Gloss Anti-Slip Gum Stopper

Treat your floors and eliminate the risk.

Some areas in some buildings are more prone to wet areas than others and might be a hazard to anyone walking in the area and can result in a slip accident.

The application of an Anti Slip Treatment is required to prevent accidents that might result in insurance claims, injuries such as concussions and broken bones, sick leave, bad reputation and publicity and the worst is being liable and sued.

How It Works?

Anti Slip Treatment is designed to increase the coefficient of friction on a variety of flooring materials, for example tiles or gres, ceramic, monocottura, porcelain gres, solid gres, terrazzo, and ceramic shower trays. It does this by creating micro pores in the surface which in turn, create a vacuum effect when walked on in wet conditions thereby considerably improving the traction and seriously reducing the risk of slipping.

There is no significant change in the appearance of many types of surfaces treated with Anti Slip and it is not a coating that can wear down or peel off. It is a treatment process that reacts with the material itself to produce an invisible and lasting effect. It creates a thread of micro-pores (about 30 microns in depth) on the surface of the tile so when your foot lands on the floor, the water is expelled and acts like a suction pad increasing resistance to the movement of your foot.

  • Environmentally friendly treatment
  • Easier to clean than other anti slips
  • Smooth clear finish – No aggregate
  • NO harmful acids, no neutraliser needed
  • Maintains aesthetics

Anti Slip is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications



Once treated with Anti Slip areas such as bathtubs and shower trays and lightly trafficked areas will have an effective slip resistance for up to 5 years.