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Heskins – Anti Slip Tapes

Anti slip tape from industry leading experts, Heskins Ltd, non slip tape manufacturer.

Tapes for all possible scenarios and requirement

A wide range of tapes can be ordered and manufactured to your choice with a choice of any grade, any colour, any shape, any width and any format, we aim to be flexible and conform to all thedemands necessary.

Aqua Safe Marine Glow in the Dark Resilient Coarse Safety

Heskins is a specialist producer of a range of self-adhesive non slip tapes, our trademark is Safety-Grip™.  We are based in the north west of the UK in our custom built factory.

Our main product range is;

Safety-Grip™ – Our ever popular abrasive anti slip tape, suitable for a wide range of applications.
Aqua-Safe, Resilient & all non-abrasive materials – The range of non-abrasive anti slip tapes is without equal.  Perfect for bare foot, food preparation and areas where an abrasive material cannot be used.
Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) – Heskins produce an imaginative range of glow in the dark anti slip tapes and marking materials.

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We make to your size

We ensure that our anti skid tape conforms exactly to your requirements. Most of our production is slit rolls but die cutting to size is a large section of our business. Die cutting is the method by which we turn our master production non slip tape rolls into cut pieces, the die cut pieces are produced from rule tools, each piece is an exact clone of the previous, and we are accurate to tiny tolerances. Our die cutting procedure is very cost effective; due to the advanced capabilities of our machinery we can rapidly produce parts. Slit rolls can be produced down to as narrow as 10mm (on request), we work with any required tolerance, plus or minus. Our most popular roll length is 18.3m but we can produce any length upto 100m, please enquire.