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What starting as solving a problem at home ended up trying to solve the problem of the entire country. For over 20 years working in the catering and hospitality industry it came to my attention the amount of Slip, Trips and Fall accidents I encountered throughout my career. Every couple of weeks I come across someone that been involved directly or indirectly in a Slip, Trip or Fall.

One day  I purchased my own outdoor tiles and I was assured that they are Non Slip however with the first wash I ended up a couple of weeks not moving off work. From there I started making research to solve this issue and realised what a serious problem it is across the globe.

After I managed to solve my problem I started helping others which led to where we are today six years later. During this course I have teamed up with my partner Chris where a business was formed. During these years  we have learned from a variety of institutions, suppliers, scientists, architects, designers, tile manufacturing companies, insurers, health and safety officers, variety of flooring problems and solutions. In a nutshell when someone is planning a new floor he must determine the use of the floor, the weight it will carry, the type of traffic, the volume, the conditions, the type of contamination it might be exposed to, how often cleaning will be affected, water drainage and level management, consider any gradients and then one must see the colours, esthetics and size. was formed with the intention to be a hub for floor safety and have a Safety First products and supplies to eliminate and prevent slips that can lead to anyone getting hurt or someone getting sued.

We therefore offer a vast range of products, materials, treatments and services all under one roof in order to correct floors where Slip accidents can occur by either trying to solve your current issue with the least down time and cost, refurbish your current floor or even buying a new floor. We also offer consultancies on the type of tiles to be used.

A simple slip for a person can mean just a bruise or a broken finger or a funny slip. For another it might mean a broken arm, a broken hip a dislocated shoulder a head concussion, a fractured skull or even death.

A simple slip for companies and business establishments, can mean few days of sick leave for your employee, or a slip from a client that might result in years of litigation, law suite, insurance claim, loss of reputation etc.. The insurance does not prevent a slip accident from happening but it is our duty to acknowledge the problem and rectify it.

A variety of entities fall under the category of Slip Accident Prevention and more education is needed in all sectors. Design and architecture, law and enforcement, building standards, insurers, developers, tile layers, tile sellers, floor installers, engineers, maintenance personnel, hotel managements, health and safety officials all can use these products and services.

In order to accomodate for the above we recently joined Fortress Alliance Group were together we provide an entire portfolio of products and services. In our Business Center we can offer lectures, consultancy service, product training and application methods. You can become a partner in offering our range of products and services to your clients offering a wholesale system of purchasing products and training in installing them.