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Safety Crawling



Responsible for many accidents that lead to injury, slips and trips, floors have a lot to answer for. Slips and trips are the most common cause of injuries in the workplace. By choosing our services the number of accidents caused by slipping can be reduced significantly. We aim to provide a variety of flooring products to eliminate such risk and keeping in mind safety and hygiene first while keeping aesthetics and design up to request.

Due to certain lack of knowledge and standards in this sector  Health and Safety officers, Architects, Designers, Insurers and all property owners are not always involved or aware that such risks can be eliminated from pre-design stage buy choosing the right flooring material for the environment. We therefore have a combination of products from pre-design stage and others that are designed to be applied at a later stage to eliminate risk with the least down time and costs.

The general public is learning by time to sue those liable for damages and we make sure to prevent such lawsuits, bad publicity, sick leave, permanent disability claims and sometimes even deaths. Insurance does not prevent from people slipping but you do when you are choosing your floor tiles.  There’s a lot more to buying floors than finding a colour and pattern that will work in a room or area.  Every tile manufactured and sold has an intended use. Understanding tile ratings will go a long way to helping you buy the  tile that’s right for your project.