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Heskins developed aqua-safe, the world’s first non-abrasive anti slip tape, we were shocked by how popular this became, we decided to manufacture a variation that possesses higher levels of grip and has a totally different feel; Resilient was born. Resilient tape has levels of grip that were previously 
only obtainable with an abrasive mineral top coating.





H3408 Resilient anti slip tape has a feel to it that is more like rubber than plastic, this rubber effect not only makes it appealing to the touch but also gives it exceptional levels of grip. Grip is measured in coefficient of friction (CoF), a higher CoF figure means that the chance of slipping is lower. To achieve the high CoF level for Resilient we changed the embossing pattern of the upper surface and added certain ingredients.
Resilient tape is perfect for barefoot applications, its soft touch does not abrade skin and will not harm materials if they happen to rub on it, unlike an abrasive product.



Some property:


  • Easy to clean
  • No grit to shed
  • Kind to skin and clothing
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber feel to the surface




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