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Anti Slip for Baths



Grip Cote has been developed as a coating system for both commercial and residential applications. Grip Cote can be used both internally and externally on a wide variety of surfaces, where there is the presence of an effective vapour proof membrane, radically improving the slip resistance, especially when wet. The system offers good chemical and ultra violet light resistance and is easy to clean. Grip Cote is suitable for use as a slip resistant seal coat on acrylic bath tubs and shower trays and as an additional slip resistant finish on many types of hard surfaces including epoxy and polyurethane floor finishes, concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, quarry tiles, marble, stone, wood and vinyl. Grip Cote is designed as a single coat application but some porous surfaces may require an initial coat to act as a sealer/primer. This initial coat, when required, is applied without the inclusion of the aggregate and should be sealed within 24 hours.

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